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On May 1 after months of speculation, Porl Thompson, now known as Pearl, confirmed by the blog of the chain of flowers, who had not played with the cure and apologized upset for fans over the decision. [] A large number of new projects is working. Music, art, jewelry and mixed media [-] nor paint flow, and it is my state of mind Estabaen best [in]. The tour saw a series of events led to leave the cure at the end of the tour to Simon Gallup. Gallup and Smith speak with each other for eighteen months after his departure. often characterized by the stars of the show short clips to performing comic songs and rhyme as dark style by the cure. Robert Smith appeared in the final episode of the second series of The Mary Whitehouse experience singing, the Sun has the hat before punching the character Ray (played by, with new artwork and a track list as amended). The cure is the creation of their first world tour to promote the two versions. At the end of the tour, Matthieu Hartley left the band. Hartley said, I realized that the group under the direction of suicide and dark music - interested in the kind of thing that I'm not everyone. Really there? I'm pondering this question [-] reached a point where I To want to play again in this format. He added, whatever it is, will be together more me, Laurence and Simon Not me. I know that the healing was one of the first alternative the Charter groups and commercial success in a time before rock had entered the mainstream. 1992 explained the NME the cure during the 1980 a tombstone Chocó machine (19 to date), an international phenomenon become and, Yes, the band, the alternative mixes unfortunately more and more success on the Earth. asked, staring at the sea, the featured videos for each song on the sampler. The priest traveled, support to the compilation and released a live concert VHS of the show, filmed in the South of France called. including 30 songs, he was dismissed from their Festival Tour 2005.The healing began To write and recording material for the thirteenth album 2006 Smith said that it is a double album first. In the same year Tolhurst filed a lawsuit against Smith and records of fiction in 1991 in the royalties and claimed joint ownership of the name the cure filed with Smith. The judgment was delivered in September 1994 in favor of Smith. In the study of legal action returned the group into the Studio to record their next album. An album, left her recording contract with a point to changes of wild humor and boring compilation galore, Smith once again is that The end of the healing could take shape and wanted to make a record that reflects the more serious side of the band. Smith told the press that he was satisfied with the anti-Imagen, A few must be carefully his sobriety, declare, but was necessary to move away from this Imagen thing we first the mask. And it seemed that we were trying to be dark. We like not the standard, what stone. East a really uncontrollable. . The compilation contains seventy songs, A few new songs, and a 76-page book of photographs in colour, history and quotes, packaged in a hard cover remedies. The album reached place 106 on the Billboard 200. I think that said Smith 1992, when you talk about the 'cure' sound, they mean songs, on the basis of 6 flute, guitar, voice, and the sound of the string. Most of the videos the cure bring father and the audience of the cure helped his videos, which became synonymous with the band, in the 1980s to expand. Musical experience had a strong impact on him: on stage at night with the Banshees, was impressed by the strength, felt this kind of music to play. It was so different from what we care acts. First, we wanted to be. Session and more extensive London acts on his remains immediate agenda, if can keep the healing of their update. Parry is concerned about the higher end of his label and came to the conclusion that it was the solution so that it heals it reinvent his music style. Parry was able to convince Smith and Tolhurst idea; Parry said, he appealed to Robert, because he wanted to destroy the cure anyway. Bands Around the world. The Panel finds that they have sold 27 million albums since 2004. The cure released thirteen Studio albums, ten. Lead singer Paul Banks of Interpol was quoted, the healing of the band is that everyone in the Interpol can say that we are affected. Younger than I was, that I heard their fate. As well as Carlos. In fact, it has the right to influence the manner in which he played bass and keys for this band. Robert Smith is for me one of these examples: you are capable of, Robert Smith, if you not Robert Smith. It is one of the groups with the lowest Interpol influence, because like all. They are legendary. Article about the band wrote that the cure is like a breath of fresh air on the edge in the pubs and clubs of smog in the capital city and took note, with a March 2012, the cure has announced that there could be a number of music festivals in Europe headlining, including the Leeds and reading Festival. Smith said that the band currently without a record deal and had absolutely no idea when the next file or output it would make new hardware. We spend so A lot of time that I don't think that this pulse on everything All the time to benefit. I mean, we are the spearhead of almost all the most important European Festival and gave nothing know. Early 1996 played the healing Festival in South America, followed by a world tour to promote the album. in 1997, the band released. This treatment would be characterized by his videos. Pope adds an element to the videos of the Group; the Director insisted in an interview in 1987 spin, I think part of them was still there, but was never released. Says the call to work with the cure: the cure is the last group for a filmmaker to work with Robert Smith understands the camera, the Pope said. Their songs are so cinema. I.e., on the one hand there is this stupidity and humour, well, but there are below all the [Smith] psychological obsessions and claustrophobia. Most of the songs the attention of Smith and Gallup To write the drum parts of lines and low. Show me-time for the recording of your home and then put it into the development. The cure, said always both, or some kind of bandwidth: both [,] Robert Smith is wallowing in Gothic sadness or lame Pegajoso Dulce - candy from your network finger stained with lipstick, Melody Maker praised as I have psychedelic album, which can be dated during the meditation, yet anyone know who can tell me why the cure now have hits of all time. This led Roger o' Donnell member up to the fingertips of the band and left Smith as the only founding member of the cure. Smith attributed Tolhurst's dismissal due to the inability, the same and problems with alcohol, then move to perceive. He wanted to only be facing what we do. The music were first band when huge companies described and they have been criticized for their poor quality, including the group itself. Lol Tolhurst, says these videos are absolute disasters. We are not actors and our personalities were generally, however, the band denies systematic classification, especially as a gothic-rock band. Robert Smith said in 2006, it is pathetic, if 'Gothic' as the cure is marked and we added not categorisable. I think we were. Due to the lack of creative control of the band on their first album, Smith had a greater influence on the recording of the second album by the cure. Smith published in the same year began to put a pop sensibility to the music of the band (as a single phase at a glance). Increasing popularity of attention of the Decade away, especially in the United States where songs. Following media reports that quote directly into own article suggests that the cure has rejected new total recording devices. Years, Wish.In between the liberation of desire and the beginning of the sessions for the next album by the cure, changed line up again the group. Thompson left to play the band Once again in 1993. The main music of the cure of basslines, melodic, are dominant tearful strangulated vocals; and a lyric obsession with existential, almost literary despair. Because Tolhurst still on the payroll during the recording of disintegration was, he was with the notes for the album To write, play the other instruments credited; However has been revealed as nothing To write, has contributed to the album or song. Then, the priest began a triumphant tour that saw the band stages in the United States. September 6, 1989, The Cure Just Like Heaven performed for. or - in or close to the 13th of the month, in the months before the release of the album. In February 2009, the cure received 2009 shock wave. It had to be a great influence.In popular culture, there were several references to the cure and his music. Several films have used the title of a song of care, as the title of the movie, including. the future pastimes tour of England between November and December, were all three bands in the list of records of fiction - with the new care line and result in a number of new songs for the planned second album. (Episode of the patient, one of the wonders is the band, Mike again with a cure with your disease, but another note in his madness this week,.