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There is a small concrete block, close to the city centre in 40 years based on the pleasure of the road. It housed the shop Jan Frost, which is headed by a gay man round with incredibly hairy arms, called concave on memorable love and greasy fries and pastrami sandwiches. Closed Jan then hit between rolls-happy woman recalls Grill not the status of the coat of arms of the owner-Willie Hund, brick (now Eureka Street), and possibly another location or two lost in the fog of damp Speichers. Wilda opened almost two years in this small building. There is no Jonathan behind the counter; Owners Bret & peers (former owner of the nearby Carnegie) Dayna bought Tiffany name & mustard recipe creator namesake (the manufactured and sold in the shop Ono 30 years ago). Redding downtown is surprisingly poorly served for quick meals and good markets, but Tiffany has quickly filled with overburdened offices must long ago. Woche. Buddha Bowl fantasy, popular since opening, only serve lunch five days ago. 00If's picture appears blurred, $ 6 because I tried to snatch the bowl of the Buddha from the clutches of that friend of Lord hate has been completely eliminated from Mr de Joie. Wilda has a plate, it would be this creative combination of Asian inspiration. Stacked on a base of red beans and rice tasty spicy tofu or chicken, kale's advocate, coriander, jalapeno peppers, spicy sauce with garlic and a sauce of Sesame version, cut into slices. You increase the weight of carrying Chinese Board estimated at about 1.5-2 books, so that the logic of serving in an area a., unfortunately, it's also very uncomfortable to eat as the top green ever have the opportunity to combine down and served with rice and beans. The problem with your order, you also have an ideal way for one or more hosts share in a basket on a piece of paper that would cause a restaurant nearby. Wilda asked how the Buddha's Cup-could be improved, as she did, but they taten-it-a better choice than red, if not already done, black beans. Otherwise, it's a wonderful meal and can be easy vegan.Sweet Potato Fries. 00There are available, only three sides 3 and fries are one of them. Non-greasy and crunchy, well, I am not at home and was with what is described by the server as a garlic aioli sauce, but I knew that the best food is just for us.Falafel sandwich, $ 6 00Falafels are the fried balls of ground chickpeas or Empanadas. It cannot be below the spices, but they were in fact that it wrapped around soft naan topped with cucumber sauce, is as a contraction of madness by Linda under the cabbage salad dressings. False light, this turned out to be a sandwich filled with subtle hints of the Orient.Medium roasted garlic Perro, $ 5 garlic 25When dog was delivered, it seemed the dog or dog Chile cheese BBQ. He said it was the element that we ask ourselves a few bites and I was wondering where is the garlic? It was a case of too much and too many competing flavors. Garlic fried sweet sweet was disfigured and untasteable under an avalanche of peppers balsamic roasted onions, blue cheese & (finally almost entsagend) and what is Ajo aioli nero menu. There was a lot of goop that bread was moist and soft. Grilled mixture, not a good companion to other proven ingredients more acidic wine, vinegar balsamic. There would be order ask once again, peppers and onions to stay.Salad with cheese and Bacon, $ 5 25Femme joy means master lettuce restaurants: case in good condition without wilting, which is economical, very well maintained, can be cut without crushing the leaves and takes place in a dish that would otherwise be filled with lettuce spendy ardent. Restaurant salad is iceberg hobby corner-a piece of lettuce with blue cheese dressing. If is one of Mr. glad believes that would be a great salad with decent salad. He thought that these stand back salad. Bacon-in a mix of salad or spinach and tomatoes, sweet red onions, cheese good crashes, that would be great. As it seems, is that she tries to hide the good coverage under mild aqueous contraction. Was poor. Fans of iceberg lettuce can enchant.Hot pastrami sandwiches, pastrami sandwich 95While $ 5 this wasn't in memory of Mr Jan joy of pastrami frost from the store, but it was very good, with a lot of pastrami with onions, mustard cheese sauteed with Jack, Pepperoncinis and Wilda. Sometimes like a beef jerky for the pastrami are too salty, but these disks were light and lean. It would be nice if a cucumber together a. Mientras not start each menu item is undeniably beautiful, there are plenty of nearby which employees like Wilda. We got for each visit before or after 11 and were surprised to see the dining room, filled with reviews of 15 or more hungry within minutes. Large portions and very reasonable prices, but also a super efficient system commands quickly, no doubt contributes to its popularity. Visit the new shell to Buddha and try the Eggplant sandwich. If you're already a day from the Middle, and maybe try a glass of mustard time walk (3,99$).Grid, 1718 Wilda pleasure Street (between the Court and Oregon), Redding, CA 96001. 530-246-3502 open from Monday to Friday, from 11.00 16.00 closed on weekends. Without alcohol. Maps, species. Options for vegetarians and vegans. Gluten-free bread available. Outdoor seating; internal room. The world's smallest car park: best Yuba or Oregon Park Road and within walking distance. Follow Wilda grid on Facebook. Long, long ago in a time when dirt was discovered but before Interstate 5, just two lanes. Surprisingly, Yes, but true. Women of joy seen with my own eyes. These roads traveled often, if the joys did a weekend trip. In particular the TRIPS Agreement were modest ventures, in a straight line: leave – Park, Reno, Eureka and the crater lake. But if the Crow doesn't fly when Crow Lane, along with thousands of other travelers, driving a Ford Falcon on a tarmac in these days of road service towing and emergency number, is a completely different trip and is much-now.On the one hand, many car has overheated once more were now doing. Auto air conditioning was in infancy and burst pipes very inconvenient place usually directed. Joy many spent a Sunday afternoon in a very long line of cars crawling along what is now Interstate 5 is slow on the Sacramento River Canyon between Redding and Dunsmuir, as everything slow down due to an unfortunate family, very classy.So the huge orange is very popular, not only in California but anywhere miserably tired as a dog were in the summer. They were absolutely everywhere along Highway 99 (precursor to 5). It was so wonderful on one of those strange, oranges, buildings such as round entry leads California Central Valley and then evolve into a cold Thefamas. Die, highways and access and came McDonald, today when you drive on an old road, maybe see a huge fortified occasional stand sorry in Orange. There are still some in economics, raised as restaurants-there is only one for the North of Redding, which serves Mexican cuisine, and there should be a mystery to most young people, it has an air of wonder why the place serves tacos to an orange. An Orange Orange. Riesen from Joe Green serves breakfast and lunch since 2006 cabins are painted in vibrant colors and inform Mexican restaurant mural-specialist here, although there are also a lot of American food. The service is nice and fast.Omelette with ham and cheese, eggs, ham 99Tender $ 8 squares folded huge portions of cheese and no data-no breakfast innovate everything but a constant favorite. Crispy potatoes, fat and full a bit was better, more expensive versions.Enchilada tortilla Arizona, $ 9 99While the name is a bit confusing-Nuthin ' roars really Tex-Mex enchilada to mind raises this-Green Chile on an egg folded omelette. Mistress wife Joy pissed and shreds of pork long associated with the campaign. This is not Chiliphobes can enjoy without fear of hot sauce.Tamales, tamales made flesh. 99House $ -10 appeared on the dry side. While the filling was hearty and flavorful, it is also on the side of salt; a piece of dough and the filling together we want something done the sauce if necessary. Fortunately, it's the homemade sauce is pretty good and it was necessary to relaunch the tamales and give you a small spark. Baked beans were also made at home, creamy and smoky. Rice was mediocre at best.Colima style Enchiladas with salsa House enchilada. ramp $ 9 a salty water in the same manner as the Tamale filling. Women of joy gives an unholy passion for salty foods, but this has gone beyond even him. Too bad, because the rest of the Pan-cooked with pork and not too cheesy-filled was really delicious.A fresh green salad portion was crammed in a small bowl, coating, made at the beginning of contraction of Joy m.: instead of forcing green spaces in a pot is too small, put the salad on a plate where they fall.It takes a jolt of vanilla (3,99$) with ice of truth (this seems obvious, but it is a reason, why McDonald a Jolt-call is nothing for the title) with the metal can be thrown on the table next to the window for a second part, like all followers of 1950s style Diners need to know.In general, we enjoyed a orange giant of Joe. It is attended by regulars, who knows, a truly local place, and I think that to make their point of view to share with you the Raiders, as long as you eat cold. While not in the North every day could bring food if I'm out and hungry, we believe. Women of joy is curious, but: it heats the water in the bathtub first in the women's restroom, or interesting feature was always only temporary?Stub for more information or buy for your own garden show. Devils bag invented by endless weeks, if the public television interrupted programming every six minutes, before the sentence in 1970 for this questions viewers a promise of money. On the other hand, the borrower was a sign of recognition-a handbag or a cup of coffee. Coffee cups and bags are now seems past-rather fortunate giver is a work of CD/DVD live in Andorra, Peter Lemongello welcomes Allan Sherman! Must be aware that no matter how shiny and new DVD can be also die hard fan of Peter Lemongello, is just an invitation to send money for a greater good.For many years, there is a restaurant in the courtyard of the Castle In hard type. Joy woman knows have eaten there a few times, but it was figures from the study, so that now I can't remember if it's Mexican, Chinese or anything. Spoon tasty open often cancelled at the end of the year 2011. Mr happy immediately in the closet soon-to-close-two-to-bad-location class. But do not close; He prospered and grew to three days a week open for six days. We have heard good things about the food and the numbers on Monday that it is possible. It was time to continue to visit these hard Nell.La dining offers perhaps 20 tables (No cabs) with brown paper covered; offers a cup of pencils. These are the tables in the small pepper mill and salt-a very nice gesture. Collections of classic menu and kitchen utensils, paintings by the Artist, above all Hambre in small interesting coffee wall decor. Maybe it was half full and not people in one of our visitas.Joy M surprised how delicious spoon menu differently. There are a lot of options (including seitan) vegan and gluten-free dishes (though not Joy's wife asked if the measures are cross-contamination).MTVL (vegetarian, Bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado) potato meat salad $ 11 00When vegetarian substitutes were widely used, that was the most unpleasant side. A reasonable level of Shasta reminiscent of M. de Joie around 1970, that fake steak bites were adopted. Has blocked, just as painful was a mouthful. Since then, there have been great advances, and this sandwich is a good example. Stand Bacon and crispy vegetables in actual product pork. Paired with buttery tomato lawyers and local levels was a healthy take on the classic with a strong resemblance to the real thing. Potato salad on the side was pretty good home is compared to this is certainly not from the truck Sysco. But hey, it was the food, we expect more food for the hours 11.00. Mount easily meat Hamburger $ (rice, vegetables, mushrooms and vegetables) with Chipotle Sauce, cod soup page, 00It $ 12, because most of the restaurants, just defrost a Boca Burger with a veggie burger or enjoy your own garden, but congratulations to all. Burger had a Bushmeat the meat texture (kept together rather than in clumps, I'm very sorry Burger) and taste (although still not machined Chuck confuse). His wife Joy was that recalls a childhood place burgers in a fast food restaurant, size rather clunky, but local yellow tomatoes makes the disappointment. Chipotle Sauce was very soft and flexible. Cod soup full of vegetables, but a little less true cod, although it had the taste of cod fish swims into the mixture of Kessel. Kaffee Strawhouse tomorrow, $ 2. 50Savory spoon used many local food, including coffee Strawhouse providers on the route 299 great dish. Have coffee with a wide place in the road that leads to the coast. Why is exceptionally good coffee and General Wert. California (bacon, tomatoes, cheese, avocado) omelette with potatoes in casa rossa and rye bread, 00It $ 9 is not so easy to find a good breakfast at Redding, but tasty spoon is good. A tortilla offers a harmonious blend with fillings (blue cheese on a tortilla? Yes, please) was the centerpiece. Red House potatoes were delicious-not burned or made small or gel, slightly spiced with Pocket, has a full plate. Bread in bakery oven in Mount Shasta was a surprise-toasts are often on the side of the room, but good rye bread is really worth eating. A nice touch was served in small bowls Instead of Peel away Plastikwannen. Per and jam sauce, Dieter Chorizo-$ 8.00/$ 5.00 House-made, is not in the list, but this sauce was worth at least a taste or two. Not too salty or too greasy, creamy salsa had numerous pieces of sausage (by accident, a piece of cartilage also). It would have been nice, the sauce served on the side instead of pouring over cookies, i.e. cookies remain unsoggy, might have.Onions, mushrooms, potatoes would be baked tofu with potatoes, peppers, encrypted and crusties, rye, 00scrambled tofu $ 9? A staple of vegetarian vegan & breakfast was for many years and visit a value if you are looking for an alternative to low-fat egg. Dyed with turmeric, eggs, tofu with that takes the flavor of what is cooked. It was a pleasant mix of vegetables with tofu curd silk. He was a FRIEND of Lord's mission to find great fries and they were very close to the Pope's Nirvana: Noisette. Das food excellent sharp, Carpaccio, House of pieces of potatoes is delicious with a nice touch, which is noble and in accordance with all after m. lots of joy and the realization of the tasty spoon. It is located on the Board pushed for restaurants and even tried to serve the marginalized population. Delicious spoon can do so many good things about the ingredients come from local suppliers, the commitment to a vegetarian organic food quality options, gluten-free, pay day what-it Monday, the poor and the homeless. Saying that by far the most difficult thing is to check all that appears ever found feel restless Joie. Caminaba tablespoon savory, any gap small nagging woman was agitated not something sitting right with her. Finally the Lord with existential questions and General came to her, not in a moment of clarification of luminous clarity, but after hours of friend does not get bored. Is the mixture of Preisgestaltung. Kaffee, Strawhouse retails for $13,00/book, tomorrow. It is very very good coffee and a good deal for $ 2.50. But Redding cheese Café unlimited $2,79, $4,00 Clearie is used, a French coffee press charges (2-3 cups) of la Pierre $5,95 moon. wines: Savory Spoon has a good selection of local wines. A bottle of Tehama Burnsini red sells for $24,00 2009 vintage wine bar but $18,00 on the salty spoon. Food prices seem to be twisted: a great Spaghetti dinner (including garlic but not bread soup or salad) $15,00 but Burger powder 1/3 cost of Prather Ranch pound (including a selection of pages) at a price of $ 12.50. chicken and dumplings for dinner is $ 15.00, plus meat ($14,50). And the small lunch, a cup of cream of wheat or oatmeal $7,00 clouds, looks for $ 5.00 with a meatloaf, fried cheese and an egg. If there is more than a seitan sandwich that Reuben cost? Because they cost more than beef and chicken pasta at low prices? Because it is a simple bowl of hot cereal a ham sandwich and breakfast huevo Queso? Mr de Joie asked me what's going on with the chicken, if you include the most expensive? Do what price more than an omelet crepe? There must be something here is lost. It seems logical that a nonprofit restaurant on the same things to exploit this vocation restaurants earn money-i.e. huge label drinks-so no other menu items issued so far in line with other restaurant menu prices. There are seven dollars of oats for a cup of coffee for $ 2.50 for each dish? At what point is a real triumph of good cause? If the DVD in Exchange for a donation of $ 120, PBS is enough to keep most people return, sent or may discourage consumers?These are questions that has no satisfactory answer joy m, but so far, it looks very happy to eat the tasty spoon customer-and at the end of what is, what keeps him alive.Tablespoon of salt, hard In 1647 Avenue # 1, Redding, CA 96002. 530-222-7200-open Tuesday-Saturday, 9-20.00 Sun 09.00-14.00 Monday brunch, community lunch 12.00 to 16.00; Pay what you can. Money cash and cards. Beer and wine. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free options. Parking. Web Site. ,,.