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Each school offers for a small fee, on the occasion of the Cabinet agencies. There are also sponsorship options. Organizations in the entire school, advertising materials, Conference packages and on the Web for sponsoring scholarships, events and speakers. Sign up to contact. Chief Operating Officer and the sixth employee program in the nation handles all internal functions of BDA, the staff more than 9.8 million. Mrs Apke provides the overall direction of the Organization and ensures that our services according to the high level of customer satisfaction. It controls the quality of clinical services at the pool of the BDA clinical experience and responsibility provides the extensive network of partner providers. In addition Mrs Apke monitored and plays an important role in the implementation of the innovative range of BDA of problem gambling, including his very clinical training of the therapist, Hotline, intervention and initiatives to raise awareness. Mrs Apke played an important part in BDA's role as the first provider of mobile case for problem gamblers and other stakeholders and new strategies for working with these populations continue to evolve. It also has tables and relationships nationwide expansion of State agencies forged BDA's activities on the ground. Mrs Apke is a dynamic presenter, expert trainer who works directly with clinical therapists and other professionals, with problem gamblers and other interested parties. Director of ADB, Mrs Apke controls all internal functions, including the supervision of medical quality assurance, internal training and product development activities, that part of the problem in your organization to support programs and other activities. Before moving to his current position, donna Apke clinical monitoring was important and the responsibility of leadership in BDA.    . Level: intermediate/AdvancedInstructor: Darryl s. Inaba, PharmD. The settlement permits IIIDescription: despite the adoption of the law of equity is looking into 2008, there are huge stigma on vulnerable for research and related disorders. Stigma leads many to shame and guilt experienced by drug addicts, which could hamper their efforts to maintain sobriety. 2008 recent research on addiction has led to the adoption of the law some of this stigma undermine start. Brain imaging and other search tools continue to discover the variances of neuro/neuro chemical mobile and neuro performance, underlying vulnerability, develop substances in addictive, compulsive and dysfunctional or behaviors. These 20 hours of training these differences become think and try to know the new and more effective treatment of persistent chronic illness has brought. Rezidiv, particularly stigmatized, is explored in a new perspective. The role of memory and neurological processes that watch the desire to contribute, abstinence interrupted lead can be introduced.(Sponsored by: field diagnosis). Level: AdvancedInstructor: Geri Miller, pH. d.-Description: training is aimed at participants theoretical and practical information on group therapy. The course will be divided into group development knowledge and participatory activities. Particular care must be during training in interview techniques and motivational approaches. Level: BasicInstructor: Elaine DeLiseDescription: emotional freedom technique (EFT) is a form of self-acupressure, a revolutionary blend of Western psychotherapy with Chinese medicine, the ’ system of body meridians for treatment of an emotional problem, which could take years to unravel otherwise overweight therapies. Thanks to ‘ ’ ’ therapy field's understanding of the mind and body through the biofeedback lead leads to understand the connection, such as a system of thought of energy as body ‘ bio-’ information to create the cells of the body peace States total rupture of these States. He showed that our perceptions, beliefs and emotions change the frequency of our cellular structure. This perceptual errors and vigorously to really start our unhealthy code changes from healthy DNA-DNA code, which can lead to health problems. Instructor: John Femino, MD, MD, MRODescription: seeking therapists often hear patients complain of pain medications and don't know if complaints are from genuine pain, bad pain management as a result of tolerance and physical dependence or behavior. Referral to a physician or specialist for help often allows prescription drug without taking into account the status of the recovery of drug addicts or the reasons for the treatment is approved. This course examines the biology of transmission of pain and the risk of dependency on the use of opioids for the treatment of chronic pain. Participants examine strategies of assessment and treatment protocol, which compares the symptoms of pain in opiate withdrawal, with large scale of pain and withdrawal. Examples of medications are often prescribed to treat pain, focuses on the use of buprenorphine (Suboxone) as a clinical tool to treat patients with these two conditions will be examined.(Sponsored by: field diagnosis). He holds a degree of master of social work UNC Charlotte. The case has 26 years of experience in the field of social services such as education, professional trainer and Manager. Sharon has currently pleased with resource network of promise, teaching skills for conservation professionals and service challenges participants with sucht-and mental health problems.    . Level: IntermediateInstructor: Lynn Ingram, ACV-P, HSP-PA Description: this workshop will provide participants with an understanding of cognitive behavioral therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy with clients struggling with substance use problems and other illnesses. Participants learn how to do the revisions of functional analysis and cognitive behavioral and applied for are how you customers to perform their own analysis, functional, formal and informal. Teaching is a relapse into particular cognitive intervention and Verhaltenstherapeutische measures, including the improvement of motivation, training and prevention. Participants will learn the care measures and treatment of engagement that integrates the traditional cognitive behavioral therapy with speeches. The workshop includes automotive experience and video conferencing. ,,.