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Random (469) said: it seems that everyone has their theories, if the moon has an impact on natural disasters, here on Earth. I have not seen any theory on Thow a supermoon can cause an earthquake, only some wild guesses and speculation, the donkeys who may be by an unexplored mechanism responsible for.OTOH, following argument to rational does not support a theory, stressing that the idea was a handful of old Tosh supermoon. If there is a link between the Lunar ’ and location of the earthquake, is trivial, as well as many more significant factors. So far, there was absolute proof, any theory to be true. This reveals a surprising ignorance as scientific progress. There's no absolute certainty. Time. For example, challenge show that the sun rises tomorrow.What is available is the evidence and the reason. The evidence tells us that, if there is a connection between the Moon and the earthquake ’ the position is lighter and more elegant. That is why we said that it is not worthy, study at least until everything, this trigger will include other factors, earthquakes.The original – who apparently have not read – establish a certain question. The claim is not supported by the evidence. If this claim on the – had by chance supermoon – arrives just in luck, not judgment. My god! 370-odd posts already! Are you sure that the consumption of weekend!Reidh (349), said: the immediate cause of this or any other earthquake, but all regulations, which added at any time can influence the appearance of one, drags himself to something with the rotation of the Earth on its axis ex, stimulated by the forces of the caisse in heat kernel of crisis of false identity and piercing of tectonic plates and the rest of the solar top system is possible contributed to these events, but no one can prove or disprove it. We must cause certain mathematical tools fairly sophisticated authentic correlations of the multifactor DataSet. If that would correlate the Moon or the Sun moves really with the appearance of the earthquake, seismologists have noted this. This is your opinion, personally, I would like to know who you are and what calls charges … what can I add, rejected, your ‘ ’ conclusion as a geologist, I know that the tectonic plates of the phases of the moon are in ….So pronounced step as … Oceans but it is Therewhether or not the earthquake was caused by the effects of the moon to take … accelerator to indicate that he was not completely ignorant you … may have been a contributing factor, … for you, dealguna can rebut and then to show the effects and impressions of seismic data of gravitationPlease and perhaps ….Maybe we can ’ be at halfway, you take seriously. It is perhaps the absence of gravity of the Moon ’ Earth, which is a factor to consider. It has been by many, that the Moon almost as well as possible and as soon as this event to the Japan, but many events also as shown above.Let ’ of honest; He n ’ technology to accurately measure forces on the spot at – as for almost all “ science ” there is much speculation and some actual physical evidence. Sheldon Cooper passes – “ syndrome may tell you that it is true, because I am, said ” think are generally more intelligent that everything else is not ’ t (in my experience).Work with “ ” forces and the release of a group as large as the use of force. Let's take an example of a pump water. You can in any number of ways to manipulate the water inside the bubble, but pop the balloon and its impact on water is much more than anything else, you can make the ball.I'm not ’ against your back, or the interest, tried to say something every astrologer – but they say there is no way absolutely “ this ” cause “, the ” is nonsense. Say that there is no link between what on Earth and moon effect is absurd. ’ t no matter if the Moon of perigee or apogee, because other factors of the Moon in the game. Yes, see disasters from time to time, but not of this magnitude. And say that the moon has absolutely no influence to say that burning of the Sun, because it is too far. Is that we can not deny the presence of external factors and their impact on this world no superstition of any sort, only. A URL Sigthor there, Yes. Based on tested ” “ science and data studies and a lack of correlation between the lunar orbit, tides and earthquakes, ’ is just not plausible. Scientists Don ’ t have the time, energy or so have tendency to money to study at the same time, not to study, for which there is no convincing evidence. NatGeo respect, but you can convert only very speculative so much to do something interesting ’ … I really want to know. And ’ is so low that almost undetectable when – is ’ is going to be very interesting and ’ will is not playing on all models as … earthquakes occur there are probably many smaller factors for all the phenomena that are not detectable – and if you can t recognize them ’ anyone?Just realized that driven by the internal flows of the basis of the movement of plate tectonics on Earth at least 1000 times more the effects of tides and when the plates on the other … loop, the pressure increases. The ’ is simply a matter of rocks along the plate on the verge of rupture and don t need ’ of pull up to explain the moon on Earth – your superfluous and unnecessary. I think that I'd love to believe this is not the final t ’ by so many factors at play, but won the study. I ’ love to hear scientists say. He will speak with certainty where we believe that such large objects than suspicion. But a great title to win. I had to show that they have not received a response in my mind. What ’ not convinced of m?I have a good source that indicates the position of the Moon and the planets at any time or the path of the Moon around the Earth is hard. I know that the eclipse occurring as everywhere in the North and in the South of the Ecuador, which means that this will be the Moon above most of the Earth at any given time. Random (528), said: # 475 Nigella theory is essentially an estimation or theory Spekulation. absolute Quatsch. Eine of the wild ass is logically coherent and raised together detailed many of the facts or observations. A theory is an accurate prediction.Wild Ass guess on how the Moon might influence the tectonic activity of the Earth ’ are just wild guesses speculative –. You miss the point I want to say with absolute. Does not say that a supermoon or perhaps a supermoon comes absolutely causes earthquakes.Irrelevant. Nolle said that the Japanese quake was caused from supermoon. (Which ’ what it is, don't forget). Your comment on many “ ” theories on how the influence of the Moon, the Earth was not sufficiently precise to read outside this context.My response to your comment is quite appropriate.First of all, there's no real theories on how the Moon affects earthquake – it is all Überlebensquoten. Zweitens are wild: If an earthquake is the Moon, is a difference that is insignificant compared to all the other factors influencing the earthquake occurs. Otherwise, there is no ’ would be a strong correlation. I am referring to the effect of the moon on the Earth and the earthquake. What is the effect?As we know something, or nothing, or as close to zero as no chance. It is the only ignorant argument chose to ignore.No, I solved the problem directly. I told him: “ is a link between the Moon and the earthquake, is trivial, that although many more significant factors. ” (475) that the issue is the supermoon plays a role in the earthquake?And we already know the answer – Jessiessica has provided definitive data to respond (in several reviews). The answer is no. Absolutely not a supermoon causes an earthquake?But nolle said that the earthquake has caused supermoon. ’ say “ was a ” factor, said it was caused by the earthquake. And I am referring not only to this instance, but the history of earthquakes, the fence in a supermoon occur.In addition, the actual data show that they occur more frequently in the vicinity a supermoon with someone than usual. I say also that he has just a connection between the two, there is no evidence either.Nonsense. There is much anecdotal evidence that there is no correlation.There will be a link that you must close a frequency supermoon earthquakes. This doesn't work. The end. There's no correlation, no connection. On ’ the no phenomenon to study.I do not have to prove that the Sun will not rise or because it is increased, while mankind has existed. It's the truth, history and science. Is absolute, that tomorrow the sun rises? No, it is as you say, luck. I said nothing. What is the laws of Physik. Mein point there about the nature of the tests. It seemed that issues for absolute certainty, but my point is that a request is reasonable, because it is impossible to prove an empirical statement. And there is a chance that the Sun will rise tomorrow.No, he isn t ’ there are ’ t, of least not if you pass which would be dramatic Earth would not discuss if the sun rises. But there is an absolute link between the rotation of the Earth and the Sun? Ja.und it is an absolute link between supermoon and earthquakes? Probably not. Certainly the evidence we value, all other possible causes of the prioritization of earthquakes for the review prior to the introduction of Supermoons. This shows that you do not really understand what is science. Scientists say never 100% correctly. The purpose of the scientific method is to take a theory, they find a way, that the theory is not enough to explain the empirical data and improve the theory, which makes it better than previous forecasts. I.e., what absolutely gives us, in order to improve the understanding of the knowledge of the weather and science.The theory of relativity was not the place of Newtonian mechanics; It was an improvement on his part.If you never say correctly, how can we 100% 100% exclusion or stupid call him ” “, taking into account the Moon? It seems to me that gift if believe that someone in the future … their competition. Yes, current understanding of earthquakes in many ways is limited. However, this did not prevent insiders from things of the ruling party. Don't really know what cause autism, but we have pretty experiments can say with a high degree of confidence, that certainly there is no vaccine. Also of rigorous studies who have tried the moon with natural disasters link showed no real correlation, as Phil mentioned in his post.Actually support my arguments in many ways in this regard, it is said “ but have pretty experiments with a high degree of confidence that say, which is not almost certainly vaccines can say almost ” BB agreement, with high reliability, Certainle do not know about vaccines, but properly, but is committed to me, you know is not 100% and MPE is jury demonstrated thousand times in history and antiques were wrongly not scientific? is this true?Secondly, I simply and simply bad, “ rigorous studies that have attempted to link the moon with natural disasters not shown a real correlation ” because scientists say that weak signals ” “.And he said once more, but I think that the moon does not cause, but it is not excluded that it plays a role in what has happened and I am with my words are irresponsible, if scientific to exclude factors which I don't understand. I also wonder how many studios have the combination of the lunar orbit of disasters, there is no selection and which are described are enough to assert that there is no link between the Earth?Moon and disasters? Then give me the site to give me 30 years of research on the relationship between the Moon and the disaster.An anecdote about an interview is not very useful for me. I have to decide if it would prejudice or problems with the methods of this person, the evaluation of its results, and not from your bank statement. Why earthquakes occur every day, you could predict with 100% accuracy with the announcement, a little, this morning that there is only an earthquake somewhere every day. The really useful or the most significant, however, would not.I do not regret to record the time and date of this particular program, but obviously they have no idea which never mention this program during a debate, that you are not, then I can say prove that this show was really that I saw in national geographic and perhaps you could try, information from there.But if not, I can only hope that you think that I am an honest man. This can be the focal point. The author repeats the claims of astrology, which is already mentioned, storms from the left of the moon. The article says: in 1955, 1974, 1992 and 2005, there were SuperMoons. For years, has had its share of weather extremes and other natural phenomena. Super Moon and this natural phenomenon is a coincidence? Some would say yes; Some would say that, I ’ I'm not here for the pages and say ’ a believer or not on issues like that, but as a scientist I know m, ask questions and try to find answers.But like I said, the gravity of the Moon is stronger at perigee and the orbit of the Moon around the Earth once per month. There are in fact 12 13 – each year, time's so wild perigee, i.e. in one year than the Moon at perigee of its era, when fully adopted makes no sense. Unless the wild time at the effective date of supermoon, then it must be random, because other dates, the Moon was farther from the Earth!Do not forget that there are every day tens of thousands of storms on the planet, and conditions that cause they can take days to build. The correlative ’ of difficult so at any particular time with the moon. and it's even worse. As where AccuWeather article says this: fan page member of AccuWeather Facebook Daniel Vogler adds: the ultimate super Moon appeared, was at same time Indonesia 9.0 earthquake on January 10, 2005. Super beautiful Moon was new moon. So beware … the problem is that this total more disparate. It was the great Indonesian earthquake of December 26, 2004: every two weeks before the Moon at perigee. In other words, this earthquake has passed, when the Moon was just more in their land, while minimizing its impact on us.But back in the days: it has ’, caused by an interaction between the Earth is incredibly complex ’ twist, heat, absorbing entered the Sun, the form of Oceans, seas and heat and radiation of 1 million other factors. When you help the Moon in any form, is very, very small compared to other massive linked to events in our minds, Einflussgrossen. conclusionwe, even if they have nothing to do with the other. Appeal of skeptics that this correlation is not causation implied. In other words, not only because the two things happen around the same time or place ’, is the cause of the other. These things are born of superstition.Or Supermoons. I can not say, there are no earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, or large storms are March 19, when the full moon at perigee. It would be foolish to say, because the ’ is quite possible and guarantees practically extended indeed these disasters, there is something that does not immediately! Thus, 30, is on 18 March and 20 March, June and September and y. but you can be sure that when this type of event, have little or nothing to do with our moon. And the Japan earthquake had nothing to do, because our satellite is closest to farthest point in orbit with the moon as it was certainly the next!I hope that we will see terrible ’ coverage of this 19 March nears. ’ m saw me already on Twitter and in the media (and. The release of the iPad 2 has caused the earthquake. Like the iPad original under the new iPad 2 has slipped, due to the pressure of an explosion nuclear beben. Die at Fukushima Daiichi stores even a factor. Nevermind, that these events took place after the look of the earthquake continues, I think that after … eh … … … nonsense nonsense and I know … of conjecture. I'm not ’ to discuss favors here. Unaspammer 173 says: it would be irresponsible to make a statement, that the scientific data on the topic support this statement?I say that it is irresponsible, because throughout the history forever denied, have you considered, scientists show that the technology to do things 100% only in decades or centuries later had proven in many cases, but not bad.Scientists say that earthquakes are too complex and who understand that not all the factors that cause earthquakes, it is not possible to predict, cannot the characters which they do not know if you can actually cause future volcanic eruptions in other continents know very little about the look of the earthquake.For me, it's for people who do not understand what has happened to say that another factor related to the event, people have no understanding about the impacts that affect the Earth from the Moon and other planets, once again, it is irresponsible, exclude things you do not completely understand irresponsible. Earthquakes are the target, but they were, all theories should be explored not explored to accepted and better understanding of this natural phenomenon. you have a link? I'd be interested to know more about the methods used and the evaluation of the results. Nein, I do not have the link, but saw a program on national geographic, spoke of prognosis for scientists, and how they, earthquakes and others who use various methods to estimate.And to my surprise the scientists said not before earthquakes, better then so-and-so. hope responds to these questions. If a huge solar eruption from the Sun's surface relief ’ has the ability, the orbit of the satellite in the room, to stop, so no simple satellite of the Earth, the Moon, you have the possibility, the influence of the crust as ’. ? If the closest moon to the Earth of leaves in a few days, meaning that this is normal and no activities due to the huge tsunami that happened at this time, we can play an important role in the devastation occurred in correlation to the Japan. Sean 196 says: Yes, it can be a link. A proven science and studies based on the data and the lack of correlation between the lunar orbit, tides and earthquakes, however, it is not PlausibleYou, the lack of correlation, but the scientists agree that there is a correlation which gives to think that it is irresponsible, exclude the things that people do not understand, and I would ask those who accept the anomaliesmeme small differences to combat it and most rechazarDije Forschung.Wiepets, but say that it is the low correlation. 197 Tyler Durden says, is based on evidence and the type of evidence-gathering. Convergent independent tests, verifiable and falsifiable can accept or reject the hypothesis; anecdotal and circumstantial are not possible.They are not proof of the conjecture, and the Sciences (physics, geology, seismology, volcanology) collected papers, years of testing, inspection and evaluation.Wissenschaft and scientists like nothing more than to the denied being because we have pushed forward with new knowledge of events and natural phenomena building that preceded.When in doubt, trust the evidence. I said I was 100% sure that I said? I've always had this status, test? I said that perhaps that scientists are relevant factors to ignore the Tin on a large scale disaster, nobody has so far no solid evidence to me that the Moon, nor the scientists agree that the connection between mass disasters and the alignment of the Moon, but it is awake and somewhat random.Things that are based on the results, it is very interesting, I have a friend of mine asked for a geologist, who worked for appreciate dig down on the ice and the Greenland ice age. I have a question: if they were global warming and ice melt year layers 500 and 500 after losing history, the Saicio has not arrived? the replies could not, because it may include the years that there are and how to count the layers can be ignored?But it was his statement, but in science, are always at the end of the technology in many cases that scientific evidence based on the theories, then later, these theories are refuted and fails all the studio and theories and tests will become meaningless.We have evidence, we must show that we know, so that we know exactly what happened, and I think that scientists should take note of, that have no idea what star, moon, rays of the Sun or the enormous changes in the solar system, or even the Galaxy all these factors is the Erde. Entlassung, believing that the Earth is flat, but does not mean goodbye to your reasoning for questoma did not say if there is a possibility that they are wrong? Not only there is no connection between today and the so-called supermoon ’ of quake, but the effect of the full moon is garbage, but also astrology. “ Ivan Kelly, James Clay and Roger Culver (1996) more than 100 studies on Lunar effects investigated and concluded that the studies have not, a reliable and significant correlation (e.g., is not surprising), the sight of the full moon, or any other phase of the Moon and as follows: murder rate is called the police or crisis of violence of the attacks-accident-fire stations resides inside the infants-suicide rate in disasters great product of Casino-violence hospitalizations psychiatric - Secuestros-Agresión in professional ice hockey in prison [a study revealed [, number of visitors was low during the full moon] shooting-behaviour of the admissions to attack-wounded-stabbed-emergency elderly [but] - homes of rural adult behaviour psychologically challenged Lycanthropy vampirism-2009 Vosges terroir-sleepwalking-EpilepsyIf numerous studies have not shown a significant correlation between the full moon and anyway] that so many people in this moon myths fe? Kelly, red clay and Culver have suggested four factors: the effects of media, folklore and tradition, misunderstandings and cognitive distortions. A fifth factor to consider: municipal strengthening. ”. Earthquake Tracker (444), said: I am somehow, because the theory of supermoon until it is proven by the data and very strong correlations, I said, will continue, before discount, then let us know, and at the same time that the display of the data collected ’. Personally I can bother you.The ” application “ supermoon contradicts known facts today. Who ’ enough for me: 1 make sure that the author of the complaint do not know whether it is true or not; 2 when it closes the complaint, new data on the light come to support.In addition, because people were looking for correlations between the location of Moon and earthquake and ’ which have not been able to find correlations, or can we find only weak correlations confidence, that if the moon has no effect on earthquakes, is one of the less important factors. DrBB 318 says: 12 March 2011 at 08.04 35read what I write, I was talking about you.And Don ’ t even try to count are the nerves, the eyes, because only that bothers me. And he said that just puts an exclamation on my main objection. Mainly because I always say < – in other words, I do not think, it is beneficial for the disk, no pizza as – < references? Cherry gets? Not good? With insulation? What Word will you understand that I'm talking about a confluence (should Google Word?) event that has never been level < – 10 years ago that it would maintain that they now have more tools that we have now? So I wanted to stop the fuss in the process of Egotisticals television, or as experts for the number of messages that you write is scientific when replacement clearly there is reasonable disagreement over singular – not – influence on factors related to this event.And the sentence awkwardly formulated on your part is still the only p ' ing I or whenever I come here. Repair it. Jamie5 (482), said: what an arrogant! You and others by its nature can never say that something is wrong in his theories that he knows on the basis of humanity has won so far. Not sure that everything in this vast and mysterious world is familiar. You play God with these relevant declarations. They know that not everything that you should know about the interaction between the Earth and the Moon and the entire universe. It is too big and too quiet. Collect some humility.Because we want to ’ t know anything does not mean that we know nothing.We know many things. As often happens, we do not know enough, the claim to the subject supermoon, means that nothing in the earthquake to the Japan has to say goodbye. We know enough to know who ’ complaint nolle is empty (that is, even if it has ’ directly to the smallest who, fortunately, is not a judgment). We know enough to say with certainty, if you have shades of the moon on the earthquake, is insignificant compared to many other factors. ,,.